All our daily and nightly behaviors are controlled by the brain, which is an excellent organ. While sleeping the brain is the organ that provides that everything goes smoothly. Did you have an experience such as waking up in some time every night? Many people have experience like this, and an explanation for this phenomenon is yet to be found, so if you want to learn more read on.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says that there is close connection between waking up at the same time every night and our health. Your body may show certain body system problems depending on the time you wake up at night. Stated by TCM, our physical as well as our emotional health are closely connected to the clocks of our body.

Body and Brain awakeness is kept by the sleep deprivation

You can get serious health problems if you don’t sleep enough hours. Waking up in unusual hours during the night is not the only problem, your body and mind can be at risk to threatening disorders, too! Here are the most important side-effects that you can gain if you don’t sleep enough:

  • Lost focus
  • Lack of ability to process information
  • Fatness and increased appetite
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Increased cortisol levels
  • Increased levels of insulin and of the blood sugar
  • Judgment disability

What does it mean when you wake up in certain hour at night?

According to medicine, this process is called ‘’ circadian rhythms’’. However, a strong proof of that how waking up at particular time influence your health has not been found yet, but according to researchers there is a connection.

Here is list of reasons that will show you what your body needs, when you wake up in a certain time of the night:

  1. From 10 pm to 11 pm

Metabolism and Hormones

According to TCM, when we had stress, the endocrine system may not work ideally. So, if you wake up from 10 pm to 11pm, you should check and ensure that your endocrine system as well as your thyroid work properly. As a plus, this time frame is related with the quality work of your metabolism.

  1. From 11 pm to 1 am


Do you feel unsure or indecisive what to do? If so, you should take notice of your bile and gallbladder. Gallbladder’s direct product is the bile, but production of bile is also connected to absence of gallbladder, or to the emotional stability.

  1. From 1 am to 3 am


Feeling irritated or annoyed in a way that you cannot explain? You may have liver problems. The liver is an organ that can easily control frustration and anger, but when the liver is pressured, it may not work ideally and that can make you feel annoyed non-stop. Women are especially sensitive while they are in a period and absence of sleep may cause problems with liver and change in mood. There are many symptoms through which you can see that there is problems with your liver, some of them are: fatigue, periods, headaches, anemia etc.

  1. From 3 am to 5 am


If you feel sad or blue you may have problems with your lungs. If the lungs don’t work properly at night, this is true. The lungs full the body with energy, protect the immune system, so that they are organs that manage the energy. If you wake up at this time at the night, it’s probably that you are sad. There are also others side-effects that happen when the work of the lungs is disturbed, such as, coughs, sickness, wheezing etc.

  1. From 5 am to 7 am

Large Intestine

If you spend a lot of time thinking about everything as well as analyzing every detail, you may have large intestine problems. The large intestine doesn’t work properly when you are worried and nervous.

Here are as well as some tips for how to sleep well:

Include routines to your life. Start exercise that you like to do and keep active in order to sleep well. Drink a lot of water every day and stay free from caffeinated and drinks full of sugar. Drink cup of tea, not a coffee. If these tips will not help you, and if you still wake up then consult with a professional who will help you to cope with this problem



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